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It started with a simple txt

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“I’m thinking of starting a girl band. Wanna come play?”

- Angie


“Let’s do it!”

- Elaine

GirlBand is a full-service creative shop specializing in movie trailers, network promotion and live-action production. We offer a soup-to-nuts experience, everything from ideation to delivery - with oodles of fun in between.

But that's just our menu.


GB has done such an amazing job cultivating a work environment that makes the creative process effortless and fun. I always feel supported when trying something new.

- Matt, Editor

At the heart of our mission is an unfaltering belief in the power, beauty and necessity of entertainment - and the unique communal experience it provides.


The space is beautiful and has so many personal touches, I don't feel like I'm at work, I feel like I'm on a creative playground.

- Will, Producer

We want to help bring people together through entertainment. It's really that simple.


Working at GB is a breath of fresh air! The vibe is very cool and relaxed, which makes working the creative a more enjoyable experience.

- Casey, Editor

No job is too small, no challenge too big, no coast is too far. And at the end of the day, it is as it's always been. We simply love what we do.


I always feel really supported by Angie in the work that I do at GB. When she gives me feedback on a cut it is thoughtful and constructive in a way that encourages me to be even more creative.

- Francine, Editor


Work at GB never feels like work. The playful atmosphere creates space for maximum creativity.

- Sarah, Producer